First published in 1969, this method has been specially written for group teaching

Using different books of the series, most pieces can be played in duets, trios and quartets with or without Orff percussion instruments.

   "Michel Desroches" series is made of:



 Basic book  Method for the soprano recorder



Accompaniment books  - soprano accompaniment



 - alto accompaniment

 - tenor accompaniment

 - bass accompaniment

 - small percussions

 - xylophones and tympani

 For the director  Full score (256 pages)



   Method for the soprano recorder
(5 to 8 year children)



   Method for the alto recorder



   Gratifications de Maurice Dela.    

This series is also available in French

Accompaniment books

Soprano accompaniment - this book contains a second voice for soprano recorder of all the tunes in the Method for the soprano recorder. Only the fingerings learned in the method at the same stage are used.

Alto accompaniment - this book can also be used as a method - notes, fingerings, thory are introduced as in the main book. However, it never plays the melody - we suggest that only those learning simultaneously the soprano and alto recorders use it.

Tenor accompaniment - As in the soprano accompaniment, only the fingerings learned in the method at the same stage are used.

Small percussions - tambourines, triangles, claves, woodblock...

Xylophones and tympani - if you have good quality Orff type instrument, using them will help to play in tune

Full score - all the voices are seen on the same page - a must for the conductor

Soprano - 5 to 8 years - transcription with large notes, on a three line staff of the first 54 exercises of the soprano method. Young kidds progress more rapidly with this book. B is always on the middle line - there is no problem when the first and fifth lines are added.
Alto (ou sopranino) - this book is an exact transcription of the method for soprano. It can not be used with the accompaniment books

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