Methods and music for: guitar, recorder, panpipe, ocarina, harmonica, accordion, kalimba...

 Recorder  Method for the recorder Michel Desroches
 Gratifications, 35 pieces for soprano recorder Maurice Dela /
Michel Desroches
 10 Bagatelles, for soprano recorder Maurice Dela
 Recorders in Harmony - sopranos Michael Davies
 Recorder Technique (tongueing) Jean-Pierre Pinson
 2 studies
 Folk duets for soprano and alto recorders Jean Chatillon
 Duets and trios Maurice Dela

 Christmas music
 My Christmas Carols on the recorder "My Christmas Carols..."
 Christmas duets  Jean Chatillon
 Christmas duets and trios  Maurice Dela

Diatonic accordion, harmonica and kalimba
 Accordion  Learning the diatonic accordion  
 Harmonica  Learning the diatonic harmonica  
 My Christmas Carols on the harmonica "My Christmas Carols..."
 Kalimba  Learning the kalimba  

Flûte de pan et ocarina
 Flûte de pan  Learning the panpipe  
 Playing the panpipe  Pierre Leduc
 Little method for the 8-10 tube panpipe in E flat  
 My Christmas Carols on the panpipe in G "My Christmas Carols..."
 Ocarina  Learning the ocarina  
 Little method for the 4, 6 or 8 hole ocarina  

Clarinet and saxophone
 Clarinet  My Christmas Carols on the Clarinet "My Christmas Carols..."
 Saxophone  My Christmas Carols on the saxophone

 See "My Christmas Carols on the alto recorder"  
 My Christmas Carols at the keyboard "My Christmas Carols..."

More titles in the French section: theory, vocal music (kindergarden songs, acadian folk songs, choral music)

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